Patan Patola: Patan’s true Patola is unrivaled anyplace on the planet.

Patan Patola: Patan’s true Patola is unrivaled anyplace on the planet.

  • The shade of the padi patola doesn’t blur, regardless of whether it parts
  • This saree of reshmi chir is made the hard way and not on machines

Among the numerous quirks of the state comes the strength of Patan and its well known Patola. Patola is such a Benmoon make, which can’t be tracked down in a container. ‘ Chhelaji Re Mari Hatu Patan te Patola Mhanga Lavajo…’ The expressions of this tune might be seen exclusively by Gujaratis and the people who know Gujarati. Yet, on a worldwide scale, smoking has multiplied in late many years. Outsiders coming to Patan can’t try not to watch Patolo. The pack hauls them to Patan. Patolu is viewed as an extremely fine quality silk piece of clothing and saree.

Which is ready on a handloom premise. In current material plant machines, after the texture is prepared, it is colored however this isn’t true in Patola. A string of 8 strands of silk is made and the strings are colored with colors according to the designs. The level and vertical strings are woven by the illustrations, so the varieties on the two sides of the reel are something similar, it is known as a twofold weave.

Patolas are made in Bali, Japan on the planet. Silk from China, Japan is brought for Patan silk. Be that as it may, they can’t make a 48 inch wide and 6 meter long belt like Patan. Arranged exclusively in Patan.

Bharatbhai Salvi, who is engaged with Patola winding around, says, Patola is ready as indicated by the client’s interest. a long time back, a group portraying the excursion of Siddvaraj to Siddhahem Granth was ready. He planned an assortment that features the historical backdrop of Patan, which got the Expert of the Material Honor from the Nursery Silk Factory.

Patola has been covered by Gallery of Singapore, Japan’s public station NHK, Sweden, Italy’s station and Revelation. The Japanese have attempted to consolidate PC innovation in Patola, yet have not been fruitful. Alfred Bueller and Eberhard Fischer of Switzerland have distributed two volumes on ‘Patola of Gujarat’. While an American has procured an Expert of Workmanship degree in the method of Patola, the uncommon craft of Patola is currently just 3 families out of 700. Ashokbhai Salvi said that now there are around 15 Kasbis in the city.

1,50,000 – Patola begins from 1175 – brought by Kumarpal Maharaja Kasabis from South India 100-year life expectancy of a Patola 48 – inch wide, 5 meter long Patola made exclusively in Patan 09-inch Sewing should be possible in one day. 4 months to get ready 03 – Experts cooperate 2 – Months to paint

Families shaping a circle
1. Kantilal Laherchand Salvi family
self Vinayakbhai Kantilal Salvi, Bharatbhai Kantilal,
Rahulbhai, Rohitbhai, Nipulbhai Salvi.
2. Seventilal Laherchand Salvi family
Ashokbhai Seventilal Salvi, Viral, Ujjwal, Newkin Salvi, Nirmal Ashokbhai
3. Satishbhai Kantilal Salvi
Pareshbhai Kantilal Salvi

Regular Tones in Patola
Lac, Turmeric, Swallow, Pomegranate Strip, Katho, Majith, Kapilo, Alum, Keramji, Harsingar, Bojgar, Iron Rust, Wood Worm, Harde, Amla

Assortment of groups
Narikunjar Rice, Ratanchok Rice, Navaratna Rice, Waragji Rice, Chhabdi Rice, Choktha Rice, Chanda Rice, Dish Rice, Kull Rice, Laheria Rice, Tarlia, Jhummar, Butta Rice, Precious stone, Star Rice, Chain Rice, Sarwariya Rice.


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