How to learn English easily from scratch

How to learn English easily from scratch

First, be familiar with 26 English symbols; after that, learn English, learn vowels and words; next, learn English, do word review materials; at the same time, be persistent and ensure a day of study.

English is the second foreign language that everyone learns since childhood, and it is also one of the important subjects for learning. The first thing to learn English is to correct our learning concept and cultivate a good learning attitude. English learning lies in a lot of accumulation and application. In the process of learning, you can pay more attention to some music and film and television related to English to improve your interest in learning. The following is a recommendation for how to learn English for rookies, everyone can be a reference.

1. First understand the 26 letters of English and master the English phonetic symbols.

English is a business English training with rhymes and words, with accents and light accents. By learning the future, if you don’t know English words, you can look up the dictionary to distinguish the phonetic symbols, and then use the glissando, syllables, and consonants to make the word, so that this unfamiliar word can be read.

2. Learn English grammar, grammar is the method and rules of sentence making.

Everyone learns grammar to make sentences better. If you can make a sentence, you will get angry, even if you speak, everyone’s mind is constantly making sentences. The unit of communication is sentences, not words. Many people have gone through a misunderstanding in learning grammar. How to learn English from a rookie. After learning the grammar rules, they are used to check sentence patterns, and not to make sentences. As a result, I can only read, not spoken, and become dumb English. Therefore, to learn grammar, we must focus on sentence-making, and cannot be separated from sentence-making.

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3. Watch more, read more, practice more, make more sentences.

Even when you can read English and learn English from a rookie, you will not know unfamiliar phrases. At this time, you will accumulate more vocabulary, read more articles, and then speak more and use sentence patterns to form words. It only takes time to learn English well. Only by spending more time and effort, if you want to learn, you must learn well. What makes perfect, if you don’t learn or practice, you will remember it after a long time, and give it back to the teacher. After all, it is not your native language.

4. To learn English, you canโ€™t speak for three days, speak for two days, and use the Internet for two days. In the process of learning, you can cultivate the good habit of speaking more and training more.

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