How to learn English as a rookie in junior high school How to quickly improve your grades with a weak foundation

How to learn English as a rookie in junior high school How to quickly improve your grades with a weak foundation

Junior high school English is a subject with relatively small scores. In the learning steps, you should pay attention not to be partial to subjects and have weak foundations. Weakness how to rapidly enhance the performance, for your reference only.

Most junior high school students with weak foundations feel that memorizing English words is a particularly uncomfortable idea. If you recite English words by rote, it will inevitably feel dull and boring, and it is still easy to remember, so students are memorizing English words. It is good to understand the required memorization method in the steps, so that the ability to memorize words can be greatly improved.

There are actually many ways to memorize English words, and junior high school students can find several methods suitable for us to memorize sentences. For example, students with poor foundation can learn how to learn English by memorizing phonetic symbols. They can also convert the pronunciation of English words into English to memorize. For junior high school students who have a certain amount of words, they can memorize the affixes of English words. To read English words aloud, or divide an English word into two easy phrases to memorize, this method is also called word-in-word memory method.

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For students with poor English foundation, they can practice reading the contents of textbooks in their spare time. Everyone knows that textbooks are a more basic part of students’ learning of various subjects. Answer it easily.

Junior high school students can take time to read the content of the textbook several times, from words to spoken language, from short sentences to texts. In addition, everyone must dare to speak English. Don’t be afraid that our pronunciation is not standard and they will laugh at them. Only by reading English aloud can we find our reason, and we can be very impressed.

If junior high school students want to improve their English grades rapidly, they must pay attention to organizing postscript English training institutions. For subjects such as English, teachers can talk about such key and high-frequency points after class, which may not be included in many key courses. , but it is most commonly used in the steps of doing questions. Everyone needs to pay attention to organize such key content into notes, and usually accumulate more.

After having a certain amount of vocabulary and English basics, junior high school students should make more review materials. Doing more review materials can help junior high school students improve their grades, and they need to summarize the review methods for such characteristic questions while doing the questions. By using the method, you can find the test routines for this kind of test questions, and the scores can be increased more easily.

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